Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Real Estate Tax Reform?

There has been lots of talk from Tallahassee about the need for real estate tax reform in Florida. As real estate values have doubled in Broward County, so have real estate tax bills. The lucky ones are people who have homestead exemption from years ago, capping how much taxes can increase. New buyers, 2nd home owners and those without homestead, or who have homestead but can't downsize without losing the homestead savings are burdened with taxes most find unaffordable.

I welcome your comments about the real estate tax crisis and how it impacts you.

Looking for a Real Estate Bargain?

2008 is the best year in the last five years to be a buyer of greater Fort Lauderdale real estate. The last two years have been dismal, as the speculative fever came to an end, and the 20%-plus appreciation we saw over the last five year While the market is still adjusting, there are many stressed sellers offering real bargains. In addition there is a wave of foreclosure properties being offered at banks at fire sale prices, and it is possible to negotiate with mortgage holders on short sales, where you benefit as the buyer. If you are a buyer in today's market, post what you are looking for here.

Feel free to post concerns and questions about the market in general. Do you think its a good time to buy? Have you bought recently?

Have a Property You MUST Sell? Post details here

If you are a seller or a Realtor who has a property that you are anxious to sell, and represents a real bargain in today's soft market, post details of it here. My blog is distributed to over 7000 subscribers to me e newsletter, the Rob report, and is featured on my website at www.southfloridahome.com as well.