Monday, February 14, 2011

What does a 5 hour cab ride cost?

I got an email yesterday from a Canadian couple who thought it was reasonable to expect the following. Now, my guess is that a cab for 5 hours would cost 1000? And that is without the real estate tour, and no tip. Mind you this is a first visit for the possibility of some future retirement purchase and for a "bargain". If these people buy anything in the future in Fort Lauderdale from anyone I will eat my computer. Layovers can be boring, but perhaps a restaurant?

"Hi Ron:

I had to read your email a few times. You want me to drive 45 minutes in rush hour traffic to pick you up in Miami then 45 minutes back to show you some condos in the dark in Fort Lauderdale and return you to Miami by 10 p.m. for your flight to South America assuming your arrival and departure flights are on time, and drive back for another hour in traffic home? Are you serious?

My time is worth about $250 an hour. In 30 years I have not picked up clients at the Miami airport and not for a few hours of looking for some possible future purchase for sure. My time is just too valuable.

If you want to schedule a trip when you can be in the area when you are serious about buying something I am happy to work with you, but if you expect that kind of service I am not your man. I doubt anyone competant would do that.

Enjoy your trip to South America "

I doubt I'll hear from them again!

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