Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why I Prefer Being the Second Wife of a Listing

I have always said I like to be the second wife of a listing. The first wife is the one who struggles through the hard times when the listing is over-priced and the seller overly ambitious. It is during the first marriage of a listing that the sellers start to find fault with their agent. The honeymoon is over after a few months, and even the most reasonable seller starts to look for any reason why the property hasn't sold, and the reason is clearly you.

Then they divorce the first agent, disappointed by the failed relationship, and start dating again, looking in earnest for the trophy wife, the agent who really holds the key to the sale of their property.

What this seller tends to overlook are the price reductions that took place, or that certainly will, once the trophy lister is engaged. Perhaps the seller will do some things to make the property more appealing. Unlike the first go round, now the seller is serious, and listens in earnest to the trophy lister, agreeing to make them happy with price reductions, easier showings, maybe a cleaner appearance overall.

It is during this second relationship that a sale occurs before the honeymoon is over and the seller starts to blame and complain again.

If you have had it with your agent who has failed you, take me on a date. I'll laugh and smile and make you proud, and in the end, I will sell your property, I guarantee!

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