Friday, October 07, 2011

Upside Down in Your House?

Upside down in your house? Owe more than it is worth? Rob can help you turn your house over and get it sold via a short sale. Rob uses a local law firm to handle the short sale negotiations with your lender, at no cost to you. Often they are able to wipe out the debt as part of the negotiated settlement. There are many tricky issues that arise with a short sale. Preparing the buyer for the process, qualifying you with your lender, negotiating a contract price that is likely to be approved by your lender, then negotiating with your lender and the buyer again in the event they don't agree to the contract price, and keeping the buyer from walking away out of frustration are among the tasks unique to selling properties as a short sale. Most short sales fall apart, and properties are often put under contract multiple times before a successful short sale closes. I recently sold a short sale house as the buyers agent where in the 11th hour we were told by the listing agent a foreclosure sale would occur that week. I was able to get the attorney I use to go to court to ask the Judge to delay the sale in order to allow the short sale to go through. A hair-raising ordeal for all concerned but the final outcome was a successful short sale. Not something a novice could accomplish. Please contact me to discuss the finer points of your short sale situation, and give me the opportunity to explain how I can help you get your short sale approved and closed.

Photo - A postcard of The Upside Down House, a developers promotion for houses in Sunrise Gold Village, Sunrise Florida, early 1960's

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