Saturday, March 03, 2012

Making Appointments For Showings Shouldn't Be Impossible

When you list a property for sale, make sure you, and your agent, are available to allow it to be shown. I have tried to set up 7 showings today, and of those, only one is able to be shown. It is Saturday, probably the busiest time of the week and one of the most active times of the year for real estate. Here are the responses I have gotten on these requests.

One agent is a commercial broker not normally available on weekends. His voice mail is full and no reply to emails or calls to his office. When I did reach him, the unit showing as active is under contract, but he has three others the same, all vacant, but because his entire office is involved in a wedding, no one is available to show it. Um, lock box?

The next agent called to say the owners have guests in town and asked that it not be shown.  When I had guests and my property was on the market, I told the guests it may be shown. Simple enough.

Three other units are tenant occupied and require 24 hours notice and have uncooperative tenants. I normally put a clause in a lease that speaks specifically to showings and how they will occur and what notice the tenant is to receive. I have never had an uncooperative tenant who appreciates simple courtesy.

Another agent has a full voice mail and no response to my email request.

If your property is on the market, be sure that your agent is available during reasonable hours and not off on weekends, voice mail is not full, email is responded to, and a workable plan is in place to reply to requests to show your property. If you have guests, alert them to possible showings or provide windows of time that it can be shown on busy real estate days.

I make a point when I list a property to make it easy to show my listings with a reasonable notice, I require the owners and tenants cooperation, and agents who know me, appreciate my cooperation with showings.

Setting up a showing should not be the obstacle to a successful sale.

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